Store cupboard chaos. A quest to purge.

It’s December. I have A LOT of Christmas shopping to do. I decide to be frugal and bring my own lunches to work. I open the kitchen cupboard and reach for a tin of tomato soup. A tin of green lentils and an opened bag of jasmine rice fall out scattering over the work top. I curse, stick the lentils on  top of the tinned broad beans and cram the remainder of the rice between the red lentils and polenta. (I plan to make a dish of creamy polenta mash with mushroom ragu someday, I have a picture of it on Pinterest.)

Crap falling out of this cupboard is a regular thing. The shelves groan with the weight of “essential store cupboard ingredients” my treasured cookbooks tell me I need. I close the doors, sweep up the spilled rice and go to work. The tomato soup is still on the work top. I have KFC for lunch. I feel guilty, I have fallen at the first gate! I spend the rest of the afternoon vowing to get back on track. I start stewing over that bloody cupboard and all the shite that is in it. And the freezer….. that’s full of crap as well…..

So this is my plan. I am going to clear out my cupboard and freezer by using up all those ingredients . So how do I go about this? How long will it take? Do I restrict myself to food that I already have? Or will I buy other ingredients  and compliment them with my store cupboard ingredients?

I have to say, I like to think of myself as a bit of a Foodie. I watch all the shows, buy the cookbooks and scour the internet everyday researching food recipes. I am even an enthusiastic member of a cook book club. However, I’m a part timer and if I’m totally truthful a Foodie Fraud! I make an effort maybe two to three times a week and then it’s Marks and Spencers ready made mash (God forgive me, I’m Northern Irish) with chicken pie, Takeaways, and potato waffles, fish fingers and spaghetti hoops (the shame!) the rest of the week.

So here it is. My Warts and all blog of how I am getting on using up all my food cupboard and freezer ingredients. And my quest to reduce my food expenditure enough to prevent serious damage to my credit card this Christmas.

(WARNING! This may not be pretty. There’s tinned Macaroni in there and it’s not even Heinz!)


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