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So Here It Is.


So here it is in all its glory. I tidied it up a bit. Just to check out what was in there of course. Where do I start? Well, there’s a lot of rice and a lot of flour. Not the good stuff that all the chefs advise you to use, not even strong bread flour, just plain flour, but there’s dry yeast in there too so there will be some form of bread, pizza dough, gnocchi or pasta at some stage. I found four tins of tomato soup. Now three. I had a tin for lunch to make amends for yesterday’s blip. A full bag of polenta (haven’t a clue how to make it from scratch but I shall endeavor to learn), Quinoa, made it once, totally unimpressed.. Please feel free to change my mind and suggest a recipe. A bag of black turtle beans??? Dried marrow fat peas. Soup mix (is this exclusive to Northern Ireland?), Barley, originally for soup but i think I’ll try and make a risotto type thing with it. Puy lentils, red lentils, chick peas and gram flour (I’ll have the Hare Krishnas round some night), egg noodles and Supernoodles will feature some time too. Strangely the tinned macaroni cheese was not there (my husband’s guilty pleasure, he’s ate it all). On the upside I have an extensive spice selection. So here’d hoping there shall be some great dishes to come. Checking out the cupboard was pretty enjoyable. I ‘m looking forward to this culinary journey.

Tonight I kept it simple. A family favourite. Mushroom risotto


Store cupboard ingredients used today

  • 1 tin of tomato soup
  • Aborio rice
  • 2 chicken stock cubes
  • 1/2 bag of dried mushroom

Food in Fridge

  • Parmesan
  • butter
  • glass of white wine

Food expenditure

  • Chestnut mushrooms – £1
  • Parsley- 89p
  • Milk -79p
  • Onions- £1
  • Butter -79p
  • Bread – £1
  • Total = £ 5.47